Vilnius economics is an economic advisory firm with a focus on modelling, econometrics & data analytics.

We can support Your strategic and operational decisions with unbiased, methodologically valid and data-driven economic advice.

Our core values

  • Simplicity. We believe that simplicity is the outcome of technical subtlety.  Hence, we aim to present all our outputs in a straightforward & “easy to understand” manner.
  • Sustainability. We seek for systematic and sustainable outputs. Everytime you’ll ask us for a “fish” we’ll ask ourselves if there’s a way to deliver a “rod”.
  • Single expertise. We trust in benefits of specialisation, therefore develop ourselves as industry experts rather than generic management consultants.

How we work
Most of our engagements are based on one of the following models:

  • Business process outsource (BPO) – where we aim to provide low-cost, commoditised, recurring services focussed on operational effectiveness.
  • Expert advice – where we aim to provide impact-driven, tailor-made solutions focussed on target result e.g. outcome of legal case, regulatory environment change, financing arrangement, M&A transaction etc.

Typically BPO services are contracted on time & material, while expert advice on a fixed fee or success fee basis.

Some plain facts
Established in 2015  |  Based in Vilnius, Lithuania
Core experience in regulatory finance | >200 projects completed up to date