We provide full regulatory finance support to heat, electricity, water supply and other energy companies under regulation. Our core skills:

  • Regulatory tariff calculation;
  • Regulatory reporting;
  • Investment planning & impact analysis;
  • Negotiations with Regulator;
  • Support in disputes, negotiations & litigations.


We assist companies under regulation (railways, postal services providers, telecoms etc.) as well as their advisors (auditors, lawyers, accountants etc.) in:

  • Development of infrastructure costing methodology;
  • Building regulatory finance models;
  • Regulatory tariff calculation;
  • Regulatory reporting;
  • Representation in disputes and discussions with auditors, regulators etc.


Together with our legal partners we provide all-inclusive advisory in PPP projects’ planning phase as well as on-demand assistance throughout entire projects’ life-cycle:

  • Macro level assessment of PPPs viability;
  • Preparation of feasibility study;
  • Preparation of detailed investment project;
  • Preparation of PPSs operational & financial model;
  • Funding Gap, State-Aid assessment etc.


Number of our experts have an extensive BIG4 experience in audit and have valid relevant international accreditation (ACCA, CIA, CIMA etc.). We are ready to support auditors, accountants and legal offices in:

  • Providing expert opinions on audit of regulatory accounts (typically on ISA620 basis);
  • Outsourcing our staff for selected projects (due-dilligence, compliance assessment, operational audit, forensic etc.);
  • Licencing procedures requiring financial, risk management and similar competences;
  • Disputes & litigations.


We are ready to co-operate with public authorities and monitoring bodies (Competition Council, Supreme Audit Institution, National Commission for Energy Control and Prices, Municipalities etc.) in the following areas:

  • Cost benefit analysis of proposed changes in regulation (ex-ante);
  • Economic impact analysis (ex-post);
  • Behavioural economics;
  • Independent economic reviews of entities under regulation (operational audit, diagnostics etc.);
  • Assistance in planning and monitoring procedures (expert opinions; quantification and extrapolation, modelling, simulation and forecasting).


We serve number of SME’s which periodically require advanced competences in finance & economics, however demand is not sufficient to justify need for an in-house CFO.  Our typical services:

  • Assistance in preparation of business plans, teasers, white-papers etc.;
  • Assistance in attracting sources of funding (EU funds, banks, private equity, ICO’s etc);
  • Cash conversion cycle analysis & optimisation;
  • Capital investment analysis (payback period, break-even, ROI, NPV etc.);
  • Financial Due Diligence (buy side);
  • Dealing with external partners (banks, insurance companies, investors, public authorities, etc.).